Monday, May 7, 2007

What are the odds that anyone could be found alive among the Rubble?

Defying all odds, someone was found alive among the mounds of debris in Greensburg, Kansas Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Sharon Watson told The Eagle this afternoon.More

Bittersweet Find in Rubble 1 found alive, 2 more dead in twister carnage
Ray of hope tempered by tragic discovery as residents of Greensburg, Kan., sift through ruins

This is wonderful news, for as you can see from this video, the destruction of Greensburg was massive!

Resident returned to their homes this morning to vie the dasmage.I am posting this slideshow from Kansas news.

Wichata Kansas city Manager George Kolb and Police Chief Norman Williams were heading over to Greensburg this morning to find out what they could do to help.the people of greensburg have a massive undertaking on their hands...

Parts of Greensburg had to be evacuated again today. David Sternbenz, an official with the Topeka Fire Department, said rescuers were working to shore up a slight leak on a 30,000-gallon rail car carrying anhydrous ammonia, a tank damaged in the tornado, as seen here

From the kansas storm reporters blog, Greensburg blog, you can read about personal experiances...

Greensburg was named for stagecoach driver D. R. "Cannonball" Green. He once ejected Carrie Nation from his coach after she snatched a cigar from his mouth and tossed it away.